We are excited to announce the addition of 17 new Disney movies, both regular and Blu-ray HD to our children’s video collection this month. Special thanks to generous funding from the NWKLS and Judy Sager for making hours of movie fun available to the community!! Stop by and see what’s available, check out a classic you’ve forgotten you love.

It’s all important!

The Bird City Public Library would like to take the time to Thank Dewayne Gipe for his generous donation of a collection of over 80 books, bequeathed to him by the Lily Ruth Edmonson estate. Donations such as this help keep our public libraries vital and community support is integral to our success. While book donations are common to libraries, there are other methods you can chose to show your support. Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated. From the simple act of donating the change in your pocket into our drop jar at the front desk we are able to add new items or save those pennies to plan future events for our community.  Memorial donations for lost loved ones are another method and we work with you to direct the funds toward books or topics your family member was interested in. We include a book plate to acknowledge the donation and mark their memory in each item we add to the collection. The last method of showing support to your library could be by volunteering your time and talents. Whether by serving on the board, or as a member of your Friends of the Library group, your efforts at advocating for and encouraging others to use the library are greatly appreciated.

We have added the new series Mysteries of Silver Peak

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