The BCPL is pleased to announce that it has recently added AtoZ The USA, AtoZ World Food, and AtoZ World Travel to our online reference offerings.
AtoZ The USA is an unmatched resource for information about the people, culture, geography, government, history, indigenous people, food and symbols of the US states and the United States itself.
AtoZ World Food contains more than 7,000 traditional recipes from 174 countries, along with thousands of ingredient, food culture, and reference articles, making it the largest food database in the world.
AtoZ World Travel includes 202 world city travel guides covering 67 topics each. The travel guides cover a multitude of topics that are of interest in planning for international travel. Topics include pre-trip planning, points of interest, excursions, neighborhoods, restaurants, nightlife, as well as health and safety.
All of these materials are available from your library at no-cost to you and can be access from the comfort of your home, through your phone, or anywhere with internet access. For more information or to try out the new options, visit the BCPL or call 785-734-2203.